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Mini Zinc alloy Magnetic Lock

Holding force: 500kg(1200Lbs)

Stainless steel Polished, MOV Provides Reverse Current Protection

Anti-Residual Magneism Designed

Apply to Wooden, Glass, Metal, Fireproof Door

Dimension:265(L) x 71mm(W) x 40mm(H)

Weight:4.8 KG

Specification Features Dimension Others
Model ID VM-A500 VM-AS500 VM-ADS500
Lock Body Zinc alloy
Lock color Black & Silver
Holding force 500kg(1200Lbs)
Door type Wooden, Glass, Metal, Fireproof Door
System protection MOV Provides Reverse Current Protection
Seurity Type Power off to open
Time delay NO NO NO
Lock Signal Output NO YES YES
Door Signal Output NO NO YES
Working Current 300mA
Operating Temperature -20℃-70℃
Operating Humidity 20%-95%
Dimension 265(L) x 71mm(W) x 40mm(H)
Weight 4.8 KG
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